Official Entry Form


Entries open March 15, 2023 at 1PM EDT




As many know, there have been website issues in years past because people are so excited to enter SDCCS and we know this year will be no exception! To help everyone out, please check out our “Tips for entering SDCCS 2023!”

  • Entries will go live March 15, 2023 at 1pm Eastern Time. No earlier.
  • The link will be posted on just before entries open. 
  • The more you refresh your browser, the heavier the load on the system – don’t do it! 
  • Have all dancer and payment information ready as per the list in the Official Entry Form
  • Be patient! Each time you refresh your browser, it is like adding another user to the line-up causing slow downs and people being “kicked out.”

Due to the high volume of entries received within the first few hours on opening registration day, we ask for your patience and cooperation during this time. Should you have any questions/concerns, these should be directed to and not posted on social media.


Choreography Registration


Entries open Wednesday, March 22 at 1PM EDT




Please refer to the entry form for registration procedure and note the following information:
  • Dancers’ names are NOT required at the time of registration in order to make it fair to all groups, regardless of the size of the group.
  • Dancers’ full names, dates of birth, ages and RSOBHD card numbers must be emailed to within one week of registration.
  • Failure to send completed dancer information within one week of registration will result in cancellation of entry.


Due to an unprecedented number of entries, the SDCCS 2023 organizing committee is happy to announce that we will be accepting all small and large group choreography groups who are currently on the waitlist, in addition to those who successfully registered on March 22!  Choreography entries are now closed.

Events will still take place on Wednesday, July 5th in the evening with small and large groups running concurrently in different areas of the Convention Centre.

As per the SDCCS 2023 entry form, dancers’ demographic information was not required at the time of registration.  Dancers’ full names, dates of birth, ages and RSOBHD dancer card numbers are to be emailed to within one week of registration.  Once all information is received, the organizing committee will be able to sort out a few other logistics.

Failure to send complete dancer information within one week of registration, will result in cancellation of entry.

We are thrilled that there has been so much interest and positivity around choreography, and we can’t wait to host you at the SDCCS 2023 event in Halifax!